Théo Marchal


Since I was a kid, I’ve been loving video games, and I studied programming to learn how to make them. I also studied game design in my spare time to make my games better. I have regularly new gameplay ideas and I hope to make beautiful engaging game with these.



[2011~2016] EPITECH, Paris (France)
Master degree in computer science.


[2015] Digipen class, Daegu (South Korea)
Game project class as part of the Digipen exchange program.

keimyung university

[2014~2015] Keimyung University, Daegu (South Korea)
One year exchange student in the "Game & Mobile Contents" department.


[2008~2010] Jean Mermoz High School, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
French science baccalaureate and Argentinian baccalaureate.


Computer science & game development

Languages: C++, C#, C
Game engines: Unreal 4, Unity3D
Systems: OS X, Linux (Gentoo, Debian)

Software: git, perforce, svn, vim
Other: game design
Tools: GitHub, Bitbucket, Trello, Slack


fr Français native en English fluent

es Español bilingual jp 日本語 beginner



[2014~2015] Celerity
Runner game made using Unreal Engine for Keimyung game project class. Please feel free to visit to full website attached.

time to war

[2015] Time To War
Tactical-RPG game made with SDL2 for Digipen game project class.


[2014] Global Game Jam: Tsukihi
Shoot them up game made during the 2014 Global Game Jam, using our engine to test its usability.

death curtain

[2013~2014] DamnCute Engine and Death Curtain
Shoot them up game engine made with SFML2 and multiplayer shoot them up gameplay demo made for EPITECH third year project.

Work experience


[2015~2016] Game Development Professor, HUB, Paris (France)
As a professor, I provide both technical and design feedback to students making video games. My job also consists in organising workshops on various topics (Unreal Engine, game design) and on producing prototypes with new technology.


[2012] Intern developer, Bigint, Nancy (France)
Developer of the enterprise website and of the EPITECH intranet.


[2007~2011] Chief editor, iPomme Mag
Founder of iPomme Mag, a free online magazine that used to offer monthly tutorials and reports about Apple.


game dev group

[2013~2014] Game Development Group of Nancy
Project manager of a video arcade machine project.


Video games
Japanese visual culture
Rock music

Model making